Let’s Get ACTIVE


If you haven’t been on this website, now is a great time to check it out! This website provides all kinds of useful information that is necessary for reaching your fitness goals. Some of the things this website provides is: easy access to finding races in your area (5k, 10k, marathons, etc.), fitness calculators (body fat, calories, heart rate, etc.), and even tips/videos for training (couch to 5k training, ironman training, etc.). This website contains many more things that are available to you in order to help you become fit. Look into it today and use everything that is beneficial for your journey!



Don’t Have A Gym? You Don’t Need One

ACE FITNESS | Top 25 At-Home Exercises

Don’t have the time to drive to the gym? That’s okay, this article provides at home exercises that are perfect for those of us with busy lives. Choose the workouts that best suit  your fitness goals and get at it! Body weight exercises will strengthen those muscles just as much as those with weights added. Some really great exercises I recommend is definitely push-ups, squat jumps, and the front plank. These three incorporate a full body workout. This article also provides the target body part that exercise will focus on, the level of the exercise, and a step-by-step instruction on how to perform it correctly. Get off the couch and perform some at-home exercises!

Get Your Fitness On At Cherokee Park!

Cherokee Park | Louisville, Ky

Cherokee Park is the perfect place for a morning run with your dog and a healthy picnic afterwards! This park consists of a 2.4 mile scenic loop with many places to stop and engage in other activities such as: basketball, tennis, and multi-purpose fields. This park is dog friendly and even has it’s own dog park! Get out  of the house and enjoy this local park with friends, family, and your pets! Cherokee Park is one of the perfect places in Louisville to work on your fitness goal, so go check it out today!

Get Out of Your Chair!

Do not take this as a joke just because of it’s name. The consequences of living a sedentary lifestyle are horrific. It’s crazy that 86% of workers sit for the ENTIRE workday! This disease affects anyone who sits, not just overweight people or ones that smoke. It even states that workers who remain sedentary for 10 years have already doubled their risk of colon cancer. This infographic shares many reasons why getting up and becoming active is so important. Your body is meant to move, so get out of your seat, set goals for yourself, and become physically fit!

Strengthen Your Core Today

The Benefits of Functional Core Training | Active.com

Tired of the way your stomach looks? Start improving your core today! This article provides information on what muscles are actually included in your core besides the abdominal muscles. By strengthening your core muscles you can also reduce back pain, enhance performance, and even improve your posture. There are many exercises you can do to work out your core and most of them don’t require any weights! These exercises include planks, push-ups, walking lunges, single leg squats, and more. Although these exercises do not require weight, it is always helpful to add weight if the exercise becomes to simple with just your own body weight. So get off the couch and work on that six pack!

This Is What YOUR Plate Should Look Like



Nutrition is a key component of fitness. Most people do not know the correct types of food that they should be eating. If you take the time to visit ChooseMyPlate.gov it will provide you with all the needed details on eating right. Eating healthier goes hand-in-hand with physical activity. The healthier you eat and the more you exercise, the better your body/health will be. It is important to pay attention to the nutrients we place in our body so we can go on with every day life. Do not be scared to try new, healthier foods, you may like them!